Tuesday, August 2

A Little Retail Therapy

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Since I just go ta big paycheck from work, I decided to treat myself out to some retail therapy. However, cheap is an understatement for the things I got. I bought a few tops at A'gaci online since their photos made their products look so high quality but when I got it, I realized it was cheap strip mall quality clothing. In fact, one of the tops was the same brand as my five dollar shirt... I ended up returning half the tops and the sandals which looked as though blind babies made them. Extremely disappointed! Never gonna shop there again.

I also shopped at Urban Outfitters with Shirley online. I'm loving the printed tops. What is more ironic than a shirt with a cross filled with "sin" ?? These tops were not one size fit all though but I'm satisfied with them. I also tried their jewelry because they had this gorgeous ring... BAD CHOICE! the rhinestone fell off the ring before I even wore it. Plus, they were selling my ten dollar crystal armour ring for like thirty+ dollars HAH.

I DL'ed this app where I can make these cool tile photos so its gonna give me incentive to update my blog more haha. Nowadays I refuse to update the blog unless I have some really nice photos with the dslr but I realized that I shouldn't wait so long in between posts just cuz I'm anal about photos haha

On the other news, I just got commissioned to do a video for a webshop. I'm really excited since I've been feeling uncreative lately so now I am forced to be creative. IT ROCKS!! I can't wait to start filming this project!  Also I'm wearing new adult brown circles in the photos. I'll do a review very soon when I take some legit photos but I'm not so sure about them. What do you think? Did you guys notice the new layout? I think it fits better with my photos but idk.. .hmmmm!

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