Saturday, August 20

Visiting Beautylish with Jazziebabycakes

 So I was invited by Jasmine (some of you guys might know her as Jazziebabycakes on youtube) to go to the Beautylish headquarters! It was a super fun experience. Me, Aaron, and Jazzy had such fun times talking about everything (from frozen meats on trees, an ingenius idea i might add!, to showing eachother our embarrassing ID photos to make-up and video editing) over some tacos & ceviche! I saw where they did their videos and I can't wait to hang out again. When we went there, everyone had already left except for the programmers so I guess I have to return! I filmed my first vlog about this trip. I'm kind of nervous showing it because I hate the way I sound!

Meeting Jazzy was a funny story. Apparently Jazzy's boss sent her my video and we started tweeting when... she realized that she did my make-up for a fashion show a year ago! talk about small world haha!! I didn't know she was so popular back then! In fact, I didn't know a lot of people I met were (talk about flipping oblivious?!?) And she didn't know it was me because I'm so different when I talk.

So after lunch we went to the headquarters and I got to see where they store their snackies & do their videos & overall really kickass stuff. Only one photo inside Beautylish but you'll see the rest in my vlog! If you have a beautylish add me! ( Afterwards, I went to h&m downtown and I got these two shirts. The first one is a thick fitted vneck sweater that is super long with long sleeves! (love) and the second is a very cute tanktop with nice print (you know im a sucker for nice print!) plus it says high heels high hopes? HAHAA. she got highhhhh hopes!!

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P.S. My giveaway is up :)

OH and here is the video now!!

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