Thursday, July 28

Accessory Shopping, Headwrap, & Feather Earrings

Alright, trying to update as much as I can! So I've heard from a friend (anzfalcon) that my photos are circulating around tumblr. My friend suggested that I start watermarking my images but I think thats a bit too much. First of all, I think the watermark ruins the photo no matter how nice it is. And secondly, I kind of don't mind my photos going around the web. But if you guys do use my photos link back to my blog? :B Thats more than enough for me! 

I'm trying different styles lately and I'm starting to really like headwraps. First off, I can hide my roots (not that I need to I just dyed my hair! but for the future haha) and secondly, it looks so edgy. My boyfriend wasn't too fond of it. I don't think most guys would enjoy it as I've come to realize that the male species likes simplicity. Aside from the headwrap, I've really been getting into feather earrings as I mentioned in the last post. So I paired this combo up and it looks quite nice in my opinion!

I wore this to go shopping IN REAL LIFE. How strange of me! haha. But yes, I bought this really cool distressed shirt for 6.50 tax included. I find such great things while shopping! And a bunch of accessories from f21. I think everything I bought was under 25 dollars total including the scarf & earrings.

Excited for tomorrow! I'm going to be seeing one of my favorite artists (Porter Robinson. Check out his music!)! Aside from the fact that its at a club, and I'm not really a club-y person, I'm uberrrr excited!

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