Sunday, July 31


YAY SELLING MY WARDROBE! (full of 6%, listen flavor, russ-k & other stuff) Alright since I'm crazy, I decided that everything I sell must look as good as it is IRL so I just spent like five hours taking photos of my stuff for you guys! And this isn't even all of it! Theres minimum photoshop on these photos so what you see is what you get!

Everything listed in this section is 15dollars shipped to the US. Comment below to buy it! This does not include tracking. If you want tracking please, comment me for the price.

For every additional item, take two dollars off (15+15-2=28 for two items)

If you are international, tack on 13.95 dollars to the total (you get tracking!) or I can weigh the items and figure out how much first class shipping would be

I only accept paypal :)

 Everything in this section is 25 dollars shipped. For each additional item, please take 2 dollars off.

Here are a few items that I didn't have time to take photos of but took the stock photos BWAHAHA. Each thing is 20 dollars shipped. These items I barely wore (like once or twice)

(pink item)

 Black + Pink one (bottom left hand side)
Black + Pink one

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