Wednesday, July 27

PA (dear laura) Nailpolish Haul

My computer is fixed! So I'm gonna try to catch up on all my entries. As some of you guys might know, I've been going nuts over PA nailpolish. Mostly because they are on sale at my Japanese dollar store and selling for 1.50-2.50 each! What a steal! So I stocked up on some random colors since I have decided to abandon gel once and for all. Its just way too damaging on my nails and I dread doing them. 

I bought (from left to right) Pa's nailpack, nail oil, repair liquid, nailpolish in AA21, AA32, AA17, Q23, Eternal Neo Romantic Nudy in ENO802. I'll write a quick review on my thoughts on these polishes.

The nailpack was the most interesting one. I bought it without knowing what it really was. Its actually a facial... for your nails... Oh the weird and ingenius ideas Japanese people come up with. It kind of works but is really hard to peel off. Also, I'm not sure how many times I'll actually do this but its so interesting that I bought one for my giveaway! Nail oil, pretty self explanatory. Nothing special here.

Repair Liquid. Boy was I shocked with this one!! Do you ever feel extremely pissed off to the point where you would throw babies out the window cuz you scratched your nail after waiting 30 minutes for it to dry (I kid, I care for the safety of your children so please don't toss them around). Well now you can repair your nails after you scratch them! This works pretty well if your nails aren't almost dry yet. I put a few dabs ontop and smooth it out! VOILA. NO MORE SCRATCHY NAILS! HOW COME NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?!?

Ignore the horrible manicure job. I did these really quick just for the photo haha! My teacher always told me its okay to color outside the lines anyways! I'll review the colors from left to right on my hand. AA17 is a pretty pink. Its very bright and shiny at the same time! It doesn't look that cute in the box but it looks amazing on my nails. This photo does it no justice. AA32 looks extremely ugly in the box and I hesitated for a good while before I bought it and thank god I caved in! Its this beautiful holographic clear nailpolish. It gives the right amount of pizazz with large oval sparkles. Q23 might just be my favorite. It goes on peachy, milky nude. I love it sooo much! The nailpolish in AA21 is an intense deep purple but don't be fooled!. It goes on sheer. You can layer it for a really dark effect. I bought another one of these for my giveaway. Eternal Neo Romantic Nudy in ENO802 is a more golden nude. It has a bit of metallic shine to it but not too much so that it looks hookerish.

What my nails look like now. I used the Eternal Neo Romantic Nudy in ENO802 as the base, then Q23 on the bottom and to top it off some sparkles (AA32). I really wish that PA made names for these things instead of numbers and letters. Overall I really like the quality of this nailpolish. Its quick to dry and the size is just right. I hate giant things because I can never use it up. However, I have to admit that applying the polish is a bit difficult especially controlling the brush. That thing is tinyyyyyyy!!

Alright teaser for the one of the next entries. Feather earrings and other gypsy-like jewelry I just bought! I'm so happy that I've reached over 500 subscribers in such a short period of time! I already bought everything for the giveaway... now I just have to wait for it to come!

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