Tuesday, July 19

Rakuten/Etc Haul + New Video

So as some of you guys might have known from my excessive tweeting, my power supply is dead. Which is why I haven't been blogging because I had like an epic food post but the photos were on my computer. Anyways, this Friday was my workplace's masquerade and here is a photo of my costume. I was a fairy but you can't really see my wings! Aside from that I've been compulsively shopping whenever I don't have a computer.

So here is some food porn & stuff I bought recently. Don't worry theres way more. I bought stuff from Rakuten because I really wanted a new light coat. Then I wanted to buy 5000yen worth to get my 1000yen point so I bought some random stuff. My shoes were too small so I filled them with ice.

Anyways I made a new epic food video so please watch it and enjoy!! I don't really like the lashes because they are too sparse and I'm too lazy to layer. I don't even know why I bought them, maybe because they were so cheap but I plan on doing another giveaway when I hit 500 soon so I'll just buy a lot of other stuff and give them away :B! I just got a bunch of ELF stuff on sale & Diamond Lash in Sexy eye so I'll review those soon!

Until Next Time,

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