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Ameli Makeup Review from Vanity Box


Alright finally done filming! I was commissioned a video a month or two ago from To be honest, I wasn't expecting much after having crappy products with overseas brands. I find they are usually a hit or miss. This brand is definitely a hit. I love everything about their products... EVERYTHING AREWRJORAAJREA!!wrpiw1@!@GURGLE GURGLE (thats how much I love it)

First off customer service wise, they were very very quick responding to emails. Also, the package came flipping immaculate. I've never had a company send me make-up packed soooooo beautifully. They had two layers of tight plastic and more bubble wrap inside! I don't know bout you guys but most of the time when I order make-up they usually dump it in one of those little packages with bubble wrap lining. Nope not vanity box! Just their packaging alone wins them an A


Alright first off their jewelry. For all jewelry I do an "endurance" test. So right after we finished filming... I dumped it in my bag. Now you might think well thats not hardcore at all!! But ... you have never seen the contents of my bag! Theres so much crap in there that if this ring makes it through one whole day, it passes. I've tried this with countless other rings and not many of them passed. In fact urban outfitter's ring lasted 5 whole hours before one jewel came off... but then again urban outfitter makes shit quality jewelry so I shouldn't compare. 

Ring wise, The design is really really pretty with a bunch of different sized rocks, which makes it look more classy. Also, no itching on my part!! Always a good thing.


Next up they sent me three eyeshadows:  
Ameli #027 Nude Beige
Ameli #125 Luxury Brown
Ameli #501 Champagne

Alright these things are A FRICKING MAZING. Okay you know when you want that shimmer but its not really... glitter? I can't explain it but its smaller shimmers that make your eyes pop as opposed to looking like a crazy disco ball, yeah these eyeshadows have that, and then some!! Seriously these are my new everyday favorite eyeshadows now. Let me tell you why.

They go on smooth. Actually smooth is an understatement. AND they don't have any fallout. Even with the brown there was very very minimal fallout. Of course when I didn't dust it on my hand and just hastily applied there was a little fallout but nothing that made me break out the brush or tape! Also, they gave me this seperate shimmer (champagne) to layer ontop and its gorgeous. It makes your eyes reflect and look instantly brighter without being overdone. Seriously I can't live without these eyeshadows. Even my boyfriend was like damn these eyeshadows are pretty...

He then proceeded to try some on in hopes of being beautiful. One day Aaron, one day. HAHA just kidding. You are always beautiful (b'awwww enter cheese here)


Next up their brow gel. I'm a big fan of lightening eyebrows but I think that this is only for people with relatively light eyebrows already (if your eyebrows are very very thick this isn't going to lighten it much). It does make your eyebrows lighter but you have to coat it carefully and draw your eyebrows in beforehand. One time I drew my brows in afterwards, smushing the gel onto my skin and it became a giant gloopy mess. So take heed when using this product but when it does work, it works!

And finally Ameli #01A Ameli Luminizer(Ivory). I really like this but again, I'm way too pale for this. It kind of shows kind of doesnt. I like the fact that its matte (a BIG bonus). Trust me girls you do NOT want a shimmer highlight. Pros is that it subtlety highlights your features without overdoing it. AND it comes in the most adorable flipping packaging ever!! It works better on "normal" skin since I'm so pale from never getting any sun!

Okay quick overview of my thoughts on Ameli's products. First off, these products are made to enhance natural features, not cover them up. You know how some companys you can tell that their products are for theatrical features, the runway, crazy eccentric cat ladies, etc.? Yeah this isn't that. Their products feel pretty high end to me. Best part is that all the powders are pretty soft but not soft to the point where it crumbles (worst experience ever) leaving you with little fallout.

If you were to pick only one thing from their shop I recommend the champagne shadow. Because it makes everything look more than stunning.

Alright heres the video!!

Until Next Time,

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