Thursday, September 1

Konad Nail Art Review

So I finally caved in & bought one of those Konad Stamps. Gosh things have gotten easier. I remember when I first started doing epic gel nails, my options were either hand drawing lace or using plastic stickers that didn't stick very well.. Then maybe a year later there were water decals which made making lace patterns easier. Now finally we have a stamp!! Now that I'm older and I don't do gel nails any longer, its very nice to have these which spice up my normal polished nails.

Okay so my thoughts on the konad system. I think it is really messy (hence my messy corners!) to do especially if you are inexperienced. I'm pretty sure that other people don't have this problem but I am very messy with my nails because I can "clean them up" later. You can't do that with this! I used cotton balls and told myself that I could use the meat of my fingers to pick things up but I ended up with cotton everywhere! There is a metal scraper (I heard from others that they now offer a plastic one but I was unable to find one) that kind of scratches up your plates. Not cool. And lastly, you have to be really careful applying your topcoat or it smears and your nails look messed up. I was uninformed of this so my nails were not as clean cut as I hoped. The thing that bothers me the most is that this is catered towards people with shorter nails. I have extremely long nails and the engraved plates cover probably a good 3/4ths of my nail, leaving an awkward spot I have to match up.

Overall though, you can't beat the price and this is really fun to spice up your nails for lazy people like me. Now I have a LOT more options when I am doing my nails. They also offer a lot of different plates at affordable prices.

Alright this is just my initial opinions on it and I cant wait to do some really cute nails. I'm not too fond of this set but I'll keep practicing haha! Anyways off to play with my presents now! My boyfriend bought me so many cute things for my birthday tomorrow. Okay I lied they arent that cute but they are adorable to me! I got a manfroto head and tripod (squeeeelsss!!) and a bluetooth.

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