Friday, September 9

Outfit post! Filming + Gifts + WetnWild Lipstick

Outfit post for my birthday + filming? Haha I wore my birthday outfit to film because I thought it was very "girly" looking. My boyfriend got me a manfrotto head + tripod for my birthday along with a new bluetooth! I definitely need it since I talk on the phone so much. How did I live without one for so long?!? Wet & Wild Lipstick is my new obsession since its dirt cheap and awfully pigmentted with lots of matte colors. I bought a lot of "presents" for myself partially because it was Labor Day sale and ... I went a little crazy.. You'll see in my later posts!! I'm too tired from school so I'll let the pictures do the talking!! Off to do homework/edit video footage now!

Until Next Time,

P.S. finally got my own domain name!! WHO0T!!

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