Sunday, September 18

Thrifty Buys for Back to School

Just a short update on my past back to school buys. Thrifted this really cute obesity&speed tank below. The original was 60 dollars and i got it for 15ish. What a steal! Got some lace up flat boots. They actually hurt more than heels because they have little to no arch support but I guess with some padding they would be okay. Finally obtained a black cardigan and this oversized sweater. I wasn't fond of the blue color but I liked use of imagery. Dollar glasses? Yes, please! Including one more jacket + shirt + skirt in the mail, everything put together is under 100.

I'm having a newfound love for color lipsticks. I'm really liking brighter pinks/reds/oranges. Its a bit too bold for everyday but I think its doable if you don't wear dark colors on the eyes.

I got free starbucks today who0ho0!! The guy messed up on my drink so I walked out the door with three drinks! haha :)

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