Wednesday, September 14

What I Wear to School & New Buys

I'm starting to do some more outfit posts since I've been mia in that category for a few months. So today I'm going to show you what I look like when I go to school!! ... Not very attractive!! haha! Okay honest to blog, I look pretty bad when I'm at school. I'll go to school in a ridiculous trash bag hoodie because c'mon.. who am I going to impress there? Im there to learn not to be a fabulous hoochie mama.  So today I found an outfit that was not too bad and I decided to take a photo of it. Note: I said this outfit was one of the better ones. Its very casual and comfy. Minimal make-up (if I even wear any) & no circles or very small circle lenses at school because again, not gonna care if I look like hot shit while learning.  

Also, here is a price break up of everything I'm wearing to show that yes you can look good while not breaking the bank.

Scarf - 15 dollars overseas
Jeggings - 5 dollars overseas
Cardigan - 5 dollars thrifted at goodwill
Shirt - 15 dollars from h&m
Shoes - 20 dollars from go-jane


Also part one of my recent buys. Remember in the last post where I said I went REALLY crazy over labor day weekend... Yeeeah. I'm trying to rationalize it by telling myself that it was shopping for my birthday and I need a new wardrobe for school anyways. FALL IS THE BEST TIME FOR FASHION AM I RIGHT?... *cries* 

I bought a few pairs of shoes from gojane (ughhh that place is terribad but i love their prices). Go Jane's customer service kind of really sucks ass. Put me on hold for 10 minutes and hung up lulz. Had to return one pair [not shown] because it was defective. The inside of the sole was ripping apart. If they charge me to ship it back I will break a bitch. They sent me defective stuff before but they just gave me a few dollars since its so cheap and not worth shipping back but this is beyond repair. Also got some accessories & a dress from f21

Until Next Time,

P.S. I'm mega busy with school but I'm still reading all the comments!! So sorry if I take a while to respond or don't get to it *tear*

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