Saturday, May 7

Portal2 Review & Mortal Kombat Came!


Mortal Kombat came!!! I bought it because Amazon was having a video game sale and it was 20 dollars off (no way). And I heard this was the best Mortal Kombat since the first one. TBH, I'm not a fan of fighter games but Aaron is so I bought it essentially for him. 

I just played it today so I don't have any real thoughts on it yet. I do love the grotesque setting and slutty costumes that all Mortal Kombat games have so yay *u*!!

I'll do a review on it when I finish (if I finish.. I might just play versus forever with Aaron because the "lucky" chance is so addictingly fun). But now to get down to business....

I beat Portal2 already in both single player & co-op!! For the people who don't know, Portal2 was one of the most anticipated games this year. Let me give a brief run through of what Portal is like... 

In short, you are locked in Aperture Facilities and you have to try and escape with your portal gun. Now this is the freaky part. Your gun creates one portal that when you enter, leads you to the other portal. I think the picture above explains it better than I ever could. Its essentially a first person puzzle game.

Now onto the review. I've played Portal1 and I liked it a lot but I would get frustrated because I'd blow myself up all the time (err well I would just let the laser hit me and die). In Portal2, I actually died probably.. two three times in the entire game. I don't know if they baby proofed the course but I actually enjoyed Portal2 because it was more challenging, but definitely harder to die.

CO-OP is a must have. If you don't have friends, make some... and then persuade them to play with you. The CO-OP story mode is actually around the same time length as the single player. You would think co-op would be easy but its actually pretty hard! We spent a pretty long time figuring the last course out... but thats probably because you can always be a total dick and kill your partner.

Now onto the bad parts. First off, like Portal1, its way too short! This game probably plays... 20-30 hours AT MOST (CO-OP included)... And that is if you have some sort of cognitive disability and can not process shapes and objects. The good thing is that there will be an update where users can create their own maps later on... ILL BE WAITING ON IT

Another bad thing is of course there is zero replay value... once you finish this game. Its done. Also, there isn't a companion cube... WHAT THE FUCK?!? there were actually no other "characters" I could bond with like the first one I know bond with a cube.. dumb right?

Overall I still think this is one of the best games of 2011 simply because of the witty humor and storyline. I mean come on... HOW CAN YOU RESIST POTATO GLADOS?!? HILARIOUS!

Now onto food & etc things...


Here is me wearing the shirt I bought the other day! 

We went to Yummy Yummy on Irving St after discovering that New Sandy's chef left... So we are directing our pho and pho-related activities to Yummy Yummy for the time being (well... until New Sandy's cleans their act up!)

The rolls are to die for! Its not your conventional roll but rather, a roll covered in panco-esque batter,

Of course, our beef carpaccio. This is not as good as our usual place but it will suffice for now!

AMAZING!! Spicy noodles. Now I know you guys are all thinking... who eats that at a pho place? Well this is the bomb!!

I kind of miss using my dSLR lately so I've been trying to take photos but then I realized why I use my camera on my phone more now... First of all the convenience... and second of all because dSLRs show all your flaws and imperfections if you don't know how to light the face. But here is a candid photo of me with rilakkuma! I took it myself with my shutter wide open so obviously could not focus as well as I wanted it to ): I should have used f/4 or f/5 instead. DARN ME FOR BEING GREEDY AND WANTING A LOWER ISO!


For those of you who are wondering --> f/2.8 iso 400 1/60
Gosh I love the coloring on this lens! Even if I did shop the colors a bit!

Okay before I leave, I wanted to ask you "what games do you guys play?" this can be childhood or whatever (OCARINA OF TIME FTW) Primarily because I've always liked playing until I reached puberty when I decided that tits+make-up>entertainment+games so getting back to playing these past years is really refreshing. 

Until Next Time,

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