Friday, May 20

Not Dressed for the Occasion

Listening to: Less Go Remix - Porter Robinson

edited: so apparently, due to a series of mix-ups the bridal shower is tomorrow! Luckily my package was beyond late and I didn't leave my house yet.

Short photo diary of what half of my day looks like.

Getting ready

Lounging around and watching cartoons. 
Picked this top for the bridal shower because it looks semiformal... kind of.

Delicious restaurant. This is a place called Crepevine. 
Their entries are so HUGE. The best bang for your buck. 
I really recommend this place.

Blackened chicken sandwich. This item is new on their menu. 
We were going to opt for the Belgium waffles but they weren't read yet. A few more days!!

My savory crepe -- Grilled chicken apple sausage with scramble eggs, green onions, provolone and salsa fresca. 
Simply divine! I do have to say I like their sandwich better.

Back home, making tea. Lounging around some more.

Sad because my package didn't arrive yet. 
I ordered some massage oils & candles for the bride to be. 
I hope it comes soon!! GRRRR.

Do you guys like these photo diary posts [like voyeuristic following me around creeper style stuff]?  I like doing this type of stuff because I like a lot of movement in posts. Finals are over so I can get back to hardcore blogging, reading, gaming, soaking in the nonexistent sunshine, & just having a good time again.

Until Next Time,

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