Sunday, May 8

Giveaway Winner, Fur Turban, & Puppy

Sorry guys for the late giveaway winner. Its finals week and... okay well I've still been doing absolutely nothing but the stress of finals is freaking me out (LOL). Anyways I did an excel spreadsheet instead of doing random number generator because I think random number generator people can keep pressing the button until they get someone they like and whatever. I mean its pretty shady when all the popular bloggers win right (tchhh you all think it. dont lie!)? So I wanted to prove to all my readers that I'm doing it legitly because it takes too much damn time to keep copying+pasting columns and redoing the formula!  Way more time than pressing a button.

SO HERE IS HOW I DID IT (if you dont give a shit and just want to know if you've won scroll down to the bolded winner) -->

I've been working on this shit this morning so I would like to explain and get some recognition for my awethum excel skills (no... not really I suck at excel. I've seen Aaron's dad make a spreadsheet that creates a work schedule around everyone's available hours)

[Click photo to enlarge and see ... well half of your numbers because theres actually 136 entries and 240 names (for double, triple, etc entries) gosh look at that scrollbar ): ]

Here is all the names in alphabetical order with the formula (the random one) and a value. Its probably too hard to explain what these numbers mean but just know the value is the one assigned to your name

How I decide who is my winner is the one with the lowest number so I alphebatised everyone's corresponding name and number and I got this -->

TADA THE WINNER! Kiki Paul! I will send an email to this person later this week and... I mean not gonna lie I'm probably gonna take more than a week to send the package out because its finals week...

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING. And if you didn't win this time you get a prize for participating.... my gratitude! LOL idk if its worth much but its better than nothing right? So a giant e-hug for everyone who joined!

Well anyways onto other news.. Our purikura store has new tiles! It looks SO MUCH BETTER.. Honestly, I thought it was gonna look really tacky with the three colors but it looks so good. GOOD CHOICE RYAN.. I can only imagine how long it took to install these badboys!


Today was mother's day and I usually don't celebrate these type of hallmark holidays but for some reason I felt really compelled to spend the day with my mother. We chatted, took some purikura with our devil dog (he ruined our purikura because he kept moving!) and went dollar shopping. 

We also went to go eat korean food because my mom only likes really really spicy/salty things.


Speaking of food.. Unrelated but Aaron's parents tried to make Mac n Cheese... DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT MAKE MAC N CHEESE BY SCRATCH EVER. It wasn't bad but I'm just so used to the overly flavorful box kind that it was kind of blegh to me.

After we went to eat korean food, I went back to my mom's shop (I havent gone down in... a year almost) and saw the new puppy next door! Mom tells me that shes BB's girlfriend but BB isn't too fond of her like he was fond of his ex dachshund girlfriend. Hes so picky!


She looks EXACTLY like BB but with ears that stick out/up sometimes. Really cute but kind of a dumb dog. Maybe because BB is so smart/asshole-like that any real dog seems bland compared to him.


BB on his king throne. Hes on a skull+lightning listen flavor blanket! Snoozing in style!!


HE LOOKS SO MISERABLEEE!!! well he actually just hates me taking photos of him!

Well after I played with the doggies I was window shopping at fisherman's wharf AKA tourist trap area and I saw this really really cute fur hat. I have a black one if you guys don't remember but I'm dying my hair darker soon since it washed out so quickly and dark hair + black turban = really ugly toupee. Its something you have to wear with light to medium light hair. 

It was so cute and guess what? I knew the lady so she gave it to me for free. D'awwwww!! I told her I would pay for it but she was like NO NO JUST TAKE IT... How sweet ; o ; It felt like that asian thing where every one is fighting for the check. She also told me to take a purse but I felt really bad and just left with the fur hat. I have too many purses anyways.

Me wearing the fur hat with my outfit that totally doesn't match but IDGAF because I love this hat to death! ITS SO HUGEEE!!! I cut off the little balls hanging on the side because it was getting in the way and looked kind of ... horrible with the hat. My dog tore that ball up in seconds!

Aside from the fur hat, I scared one of my dad's customers because she thought I was a legit mannequin. I was on my phone and wasn't moving for a good ten minutes. HAHA!

Until Next Time,

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