Saturday, May 14

This is like a Flashback

 [self portrait]
"This is like a Flashback"

I've been neglecting my blog because I've been crazy sick. Saw Toge off the other day at seven in the morning and I drank coffee. I already have problems with caffeine but I drink it anyways. I think their milk might have gone a bit bad. I tasted something weird when I added more milk to the coffee. Then I proceeded to throw up chunks for the whole day. I felt so classy.

Aside from being sick, I've dyed my hair back to brown. I'm not at all fond of the whole blonde look anymore. I can't keep up with my roots which need to be dyed every 3 weeks and I think brown just looks much more mysterious. Along with my new hair, I can't dress the way I used to because it looks so tacky!

ITS SO BRIGHT OUTSIDE! I swear I hate the daytime.
Trying to make use of my dSLR today (yes, I'm still in this outfit haha). I haven't touched my camera in ages! I forgot how nice it was. Aaron took these photos for me because I never document my outfits. I think my whole outfit is under 60 dollars. I'm so damn thrifty.

I cut straight across bangs as well. I don't know how I feel about them but I'm certainly loving the color. I had mixed feelings in the beginning but as soon as I dressed up with the brown, I felt so comfortable. Blonde makes me stand out too much. I'm not fond of the attention.

LOVING this Marc by Marc Jacob's bangle that Emma gave me. It goes with everything!! Thanks babe!

Recently, I can't stop listening to "FlashBack" by Calvin Harris. I think you guys should all listen to it on YouTube! What kind of music do you guys like? I'm really getting into this disco-house-pop genre.

I was wondering if you guys like the big pictures? I'm always to self conscious to upload any of my work to my blog because its so large and obnoxious. I also changed my layout.

Anyways, I'm going to a dinner party tonight!

Until Next Time,

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