Wednesday, May 18

Short Update: Anniversary Gifts

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Rather short update but better than nothing! A lot of exciting things have been happening lately :B! Can't wait for school to be over so I can finally start doing shit. But aside from that, I've been trying to change my style up a bit. More minimalistic with emphasis? I'm wearing a three dollar spaghetti strap with a chained cross necklace. I originally got this necklace from H&M but I didn't like it so I customized it a bit. You probably can't tell but it makes a world of a difference. I think wearing a neutral color like this with a bright bra looks really cute.

I'm using my camera more often now. I can NOT look good in photos I take of myself [holding the camera]. I always have to set it down. Some girls can get that angle right and look 243048x prettier but not for me. I think setting down a camera gives a more interesting photo anyways. I really can't stand a lot of camwhore photos from girls because they always make the same pouty face.  But thats because i prefer hot girls over the overly disgustingly cute ones (haha I'm just so biased). When I see shit like that it makes my pores all cold and I want to slap something.  

Enough about slapping though. For this photo, I used an external flash [430 exii] with a diffuser straight on and that's it. Its a world of a difference what external flashes can do. I used to really like bouncing light off things but I've grown tired of it.

Me & Aaron's four year anniversary is coming up so I bought him presents!

Last time I got him an Ableton controller... or was that for his birthday? Usually I like to buy him clothing for anniversaries and electronics for birthdays. I got him two pairs of boots. I only took a photo of this one because the other ones were regular everyday slouchy boots. These are the nice special occasion ones! So classy.

I got this for myself. Around ten/fifteen dollars. I love necklaces with multiple pendants. I think its a bit manly but I like that androgynous feel anyways. I can never be a girly girl... Though I have to note Aaron bought me my first floral print dress. I'll tell you how that goes.

I got him a big pendant necklace. He loved it immediately because he really likes this style.

In return, I told Aaron not to buy me anything expensive so he bought me cheap things from F21. I got a floral print dress for the wedding I'm attending this month, olive shorts, pinstriped shorts, a black tube dress, and a spaghetti strap. All for fifty dollars!

Gosh I'm getting so /sad/ because all I've been doing these past two weeks are my projects. No time to play games or sleep. 

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